24 000 000+

miles per year

36 000+

delivered loads per year

500 000+

tons of annual
delivered goods

4 000+

happy customers

About STL Truckers.

We provide services
you can rely on.

We are proud about our customer-driven, purpose -focused approach to knowledgeable solutions in supply chain.  We put safety and security above all, we operate well-established network of assets,  we hire resourceful and highly-skilled specialists who are passionate about providing premium customer service. 


STL Truckers operates an advanced network of 800+ brand new trailers and can build trailer pools for its customers whenever needed

We work with customers who have expedited needs and have no time for average service.  Ensuring that our partners receive their freight exactly when and where they need it is our top priority and core value.

Competitive advantage

We integrate our skills, experience, technologies, fleet network with our reliable drivers to be able to offer exceptionally quality services to our dedicated customers for their dedicated business.  Our strong commitment to dedicated business enables us to have competitive advantage over our competitors.

EDI capable

We have been EDI capable since day 1 of our establishment.  It has helped us to lower operating costs, increase business cycle speeds, reduce human error and improve record accuracy and stay environmentally friendly. (EDI Capable)

Outstanding customer service

Our 24/7 available and round the clock dispatch and track and trace operations staff will listen to you to ensure that our customers are getting the solutions they need whether that is short-haul, long-haul or regional trucking service requirements.

For drivers

Become a Truck Driver for STL Truckers!

We offer some of the best trucking jobs and one of the best compensation packages in the industry.  Enjoy excellent home time, health plan benefits, 401(K) plan, vacation time, 24/7 dispatch and maintenance support.  We make sure you have what you need on the road and at home for yourself and your family.


Saves Your Time!

 We enjoy great partnership with our partners and companies choose STL Truckers for dependability, professionalism and exceptional customer experience.   Our customers continue to grow with us and prefer to work with our company because we are safe, innovative and reliable.  Together, we will move the country forward.

On-time delivery

Wide coverage area

Our Partners

STL Truckers directly handles business with various retail and transportation companies such as Amazon, Fed Ex Freight, Fed Ex Ground, UPS, Target, Wall Mart, Home Depot.  We also work closely with  major brokerage firms such as Coyote, C, H. Robinson, J B Hunt, Hub Group, FX Logistics and others.

Career, that matters!

STL DRIVER REVIEWS Each Plan And Offer Optimal Solutions!

We seek to provide a professional, safe and enjoyable work environment

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